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What are people saying about Ultimate Intimacy?

This app is a great way to reignite those feelings of intimacy that may have been forgotton.

D. J.

It’s really made intimacy time fun for my husband and I. communication, cooperation, love, and genuine care has increased as well. Definitely recommend to every married couple!

E. P.

So many resources! This app has a ton of helpful stuff beyond the game itself. However, the game is by far the best part of the app. Worth the download (and paid upgrade) just for the game. There is a lot of customization possible, including a kind of set-it-and-forget-it format. Highly recommended!

A. R.

This app is such a fun and safe way to learn and try new things. Through it my husband and I have grown closer. We’ve both had a lot of fun because of this app. I highly recommend it for any married couple!

J. S.

My husband and I had a blast playing this game! It helped us to feel closer together. It’s great to have a Christian friendly app that will still add spice to your sex life.

N. Y.

I downloaded the app. I opted for the paid version and it is the first time I have paid for an app. I think it was the best valentines gift I could’ve given my husband. The game really promotes communication, intimacy, and vulnerability. It has really enhanced our relationship in the few short days we’ve had it. Thank you for the great recommendation!

T. A.