We’re On A Mission…

Ultimate Intimacy is the product of two Christian couples on a mission to strengthen marriages by making lovemaking fun and deepening couples’ connection and intimacy.

Clean & Christian-friendly

You won’t find nudity, pornographic or violent themes in this app. All content is respectful and within the context of healthy marriage.

Fun Bedroom Game

What could be more exciting than an exciting (and erotic) game with your spouse!?

Resources & Ideas

The app contains hundreds of free resources and ideas to keep things hot, fun and spicy!

Build Connection & Intimacy

Professionals recommend this app for a reason! Interactive conversation starters, products, the game, resources, and much more help couples draw closer together.

We Believe

We believe many couples are looking for something fun and exciting to keep their love life thriving (we were one of them!). Why? Sex is AMAZING for both men and women, and is incredibly bonding! Isn’t that part of God’s design, to bring man and woman together, to be one flesh, to help each other be one and whole?

Problem is, we couldn’t find a Christian-friendly app we felt comfortable using ourselves. We wanted something clean, not raunchy or crass, that treated marriage and sex as something special, focused on connection and love, and emphasized physical, emotional, as well as spiritual intimacy…and most importantly, FUN!

After a lot of “research” and “testing” (and with the help of marriage professionals), we made this app! The best part? We’ve learned that  fulfilling sexual relations in marriage is the start of a virtuous cycle that helps create and maintain a loving, strong marriage.

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Lovemaking Ideas

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How The App Is Organized


It’s really easy and fun to play! The couple fills out their names and sets a few simple settings for the gameplay. The game can be adjusted to fit your comfort level. When the game starts, the app prompts you with an action. When the timer is up, you switch and it’s your partner’s turn. The prompts are random and gradually build up to hotter activities. There are many prompts built in so you can play over and over and still get a different experience each time. You can even add in your own prompts. It’s like foreplay at it’s finest!


The app includes expert-written reference material on various topics from anatomy, technique, strategies to build and strengthen emotional and spiritual intimacy, ideas for date night, and so on. You can create your own sex bucket list and tick items off the list when you return from your adventure. The app includes romantic, sexy, and spicy text message prompts you can send to your honey to build the anticipation for a night of sweet romance and fireworks.


They’re tasteful and respectful stick figure drawings intended to give you both ideas of new things to try and explore. Some are fun, others are wacky, but they’re all creative and make for a great night over and over. Use the “random” button to find something new or search & save your favorites.

Conversation Starters

Say goodbye to awkward silence while driving in the car, eating out, or chilling at home! Give you and your spouse something fun to talk about. Experts agree that conversation is critical to every relationship and is an essential ingredient to building emotional intimacy, so let the app make this fun. Various categories of questions range from intimacy, romance, family, finances, and some fun & wacky miscellaneous questions.


Want ideas of a gift to give your beloved? How about a great self-help book? Or maybe something a little fun and adventurous to create laughter and memories for years to come? We’ve partnered with Christian-friendly retailers for the products offered in the app. These websites linked to from the app have no nudity or off-putting messages.

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